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In 2019 the global #SMW theme is ’Stories’. With great influence comes great responsibility. Our stories can change how people think and act, and our obligation is to use this influence for the greater good.

Socail Media Week Kyiv


It is a two day event that will cover some of the best case studies - the success and failures in communications, marketing and social media.

20 speakers

You will learn from top level international and local professionals, and have the opportunity to discuss and challenge their experiences and achievements.

Endless networking

You will have a chance to network and meet new people throughout the event. We will also host after partу so everyone can exchange their professional and personal stories.


  • Andrij Skotsyk

    Andriy Skotsyk


  • Mykhailo Kudla

    Mykhailo Kudla

    Bolt (Taxify)

  • Daryna Danylenko

    Daryna Danylenko


  • Maksym Rovinskyi

    Maksym Rovinskyi

    100% LIFE

  • Yevhenii Mokin

    Yevhenii Mokin

    Median ads

  • Liudmyla Shyk

    Liudmyla Shyk



Depositphotos team will host #SMWKYIV at Lightfield Productions space — one of the largest photo studios in Europe.



21 Polyova street.
Politekhnichny instytut metro station,
Polyova rapid tram station

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SMW Kyiv is an independent Social Media Week event hosted by Depositphotos team.