Dot Lung



Dot Lung, a digital marketing strategist and consultant also known as the "Mother of Social Dragons". Dot is passionate about empowering creatives and personal brands by creating successful social media strategies for their businesses. She invented the 6 elements of the DRAGON Formula, which is used to create irresistible content. This led to her working with dream clients such as Facebook, Wix, OFFF, Digital Design Days, Sonar+D, and more.

On top of working with these brands, Dot has been teaching at at several institutions based in Barcelona, including Universitat de Barcelona, Toulouse Business School, Geneva Business School, Universitat Abat Oliba CEU, Escuela Superior de Diseño (ESdesign), Institute of Design (IED) and more, with 78,000 students enrolled in her online courses.

Creative mindset Social media platforms for businesses